Pool Automation

Starline Pool Automation Technology

Starline can help you automate your pool experience with proven Starline technology, Automatic Water Level Regulator, Automatic Pool Controls Systems, Automatic Water Treatment Dosing Systems, Automatic Backwash Systems all give you time back to enjoy your pool experience.

Water Level Regulator

The Starline Water Level Regulator has an electronic water sensor installed into the pool skimmer, which communicates with the water level regulator installed within the plant room to monitor the water level in the pool.

The water level regulator will automatically top the pool up via a mains water supply installed by the plumber.

More importantly, the water level regulator is connected to the Roldeck pool cover control, so should the pool water level be at an unsafe level for the safe operation of the Roldeck pool cover, the pool cover will automatically be locked out until the water level is corrected.

Automatic Pool Control Systems

The Starline Pool Control is a filter control unit developed especially by Starline. The unit simplifies the electrical installation and controls, and the simple layout of the display allows the settings to be easily programmed and adjusted through the icon choice. The pool control is also prepared for the addition of a water level regulator system.

Starline Watercontrol

The Starline Watercontrol is a very balanced solution for the chemical water treatment of your personal swimming pool. This unit can read and control three parameters.

The Watercontrol can monitor Redox, to electronically dose chlorine, pH to electronically dose pH correction solutions and temperature to control the heating.

Starline will be happy to discuss your chemical automation requirements and will provide a tailored solution to suit your needs.

Automatic Backwash Systems

Starline also offer Automatic Backwash systems to free you up from the most mundane maintenance requirements by ensuring the pool filter system is automatically backwashed and cleaned when required.

The Starline Automatic Backwash system will automatically monitor the pressure through the filter system, and when necessary carry out a backwash procedure to maintain pool water flow and ensure the longevity of your filter media.