11m Family Pool


Safety rim and standing ledge

The safety rim at the top of the pool wall provides extra support if a load is applied to a closed swimming pool cover. The standing ledge around the walls gives you the opportunity to take a break whilst swimming.

Various corner steps

Various steps available. E.g. corner steps with a lounge platform just under the waterline.

Family pool

With a length of 11 meters, safety rim and standing ledge, the Dynamic Line is the perfect family pool.



Dynamic Line

The Dynamic pool is 11m long by 4m wide and is great for swimming lengths with 11m free swim touch wall to touch wall. The extra space the pool length offers is also ideal for family and friends to enjoy and play.

The Dynamic pool comes with corner step options. The wide lounger step option also gives space to sit and relax, and to watch everyone enjoying the fun.

The Dynamic pool has a separate pit for the Roldeck pool cover and has an upper ledge to support the cover slats and a lower standing ledge for smaller children to stand on and be in depth.